System Design

System Design

Rotal has a long-standing history of working with Fiber Optic Cable and CATV deployments. In the Netherlands Rotal helps Portaal with Fiber optic network and Head-End design to enable Triple Play services in a cost effective manner. Rotal’s highly experienced team of designers and engineers have planned thousands of kilometres of fibre network maps. Rotal is using software design platforms for digital land base, strand, fiber, and coaxial plant drafting. Rotal also draft topological maps, cable layout and optical nodes.

Rotal’s Fiber Optic & Coaxial Plant design services are highlighted below:

- All aspects of fiber planning including route planning, cable sizing, optical loss budgets, optical coupler trees, and fiber tree
- Planning for emergency restoration
- Placement of aerial, buried, or ducted fiber cables
- Fusion splicing and OTDR testing
- Planning, installation and testing of fiber management facilities in headend/hub applications.

Rotal’s is a committed partner for the success of its customers as early as the planning stage. Rotal helps to experience the future today.

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